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Counterpart Engineering
are manufacturers of
Australian Made Aussie Augers. 
With 21 years experience in manufacturing quality stainless steel products and 15 years experience in manufacturing augers and funnels for the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry, we're confident we can supply you with components to keep your production line flowing smoothly, and assist with any breakdowns you may incur.

We have many years of experience in troubleshooting problems with powder filling, using augers. Most problems can be solved in a phone call, if call out for site inspection is required, this can be arranged.


Counterpart Engineering / Aussie Augers
101 Wombeyan Caves Road
Phone: 02 4878 5 361
Fax: 02 48785 010
Mobile: 0418 679 204

Contact us to discuss your powder filling requirements:

- For replacement of worn auger or funnel
- Changes to container size and or openings
- New products

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